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How To Remove and Install Nami Burn-E V2 and V2 Max Motor

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  • Michael Elliott

    Ok, a few things 

    I have the Nami Burn-E 2 (28ah version) and I had to replace the front motor, this video only shows the how to replace the rear motor. There a few step necessary to replace the front motor but those steps are not in this video.

    Here are the a few steps missing from this video that might be very helpful to anyone who has to do this repair.


    1#  In order to pull free the front motor cable from the grommet area, the deck lid will first need to be removed, there are 6 screws holding it on. Once that is done you will see a piece a cushioning foam, which comes right out.  From this point you can pull the motor cable/connector from the grommet area.

    2# The replacement motor will likely need to be shipped without a valve stem so it is a must that the valve stem from the old motor  be moved to the new motor. In order to accomplish this the valve stem will need to be pulled out from the inside of the rim (flange side ) as it is fitted via friction. The rubber will stretch  while you are pulling out the stem but that is normal. Any oil or lubricant  will greatly assist with the removal of the valve stem. If you you must use tools like a set of pliers or a pick tool please do take caution as you can damage the valve stem. 

    3# There is a trick to removing the tire and that is letting out as much air as possible, using clams or a vise to break lose the tire bead from the rim and zip ties to keep the tire from resealing to the bead of the rim. 


    Fluid Free Ride, please update and correct your repair literature since most people are not mechanics.....including me.   

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